Ulta Lab Test

These are my suggested Panels for the following midlife health conditions:

Health Condition Ulta Lab Test
High Blood Pressure Advanced Cardiovascular Health- Basic Plus
High Cholesterol Advanced Cardiovascular Health- Basic Plus
Diabetes Type 2 Diabetes Management- Basic Plus
NAFLD Liver Health-Basic Plus
Overweight Comprehensive Wellness Panel
Obesity Comprehensive Wellness Panel
Mood Disorder Biomarkers-Basic Plus
Low Thyroid Thyroid Health Basic Plus
Diabetes Screening HgbA1C

Follow this link to my Ulta Lab Test Site to order the labs that I recommend.  NurseChrisP Ulta Lab Tests

These are my suggested tests for common midlife health issues. You will find many more options for your specific needs.

I recommend that you take all abnormal test results to your own health care provider within a reasonable amount of time to ensure that any actions that need to taken are managed in a timely manner.

Abnormal labs should always be verified prior to treatment.