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Motivation Hacks

Maintaining Motivation

I hear the strumming of my alarm in the distance. I roll over and feel the coldness of the sheets, and I glance at my phone. 4:58 am. I groan inwardly and fall back into the softness of my pillow. The conversation starts. “You woke up three times last night, skip it this morning, you can work out after work this afternoon.” says the little devil in one ear. Then the adorable angel in my other ear whispers these encouraging words, “Thirty minutes goes by whether you sleep or whether you exercise, if you are tired, do your yoga.”  Just like Fred Flintstone knew which one to listen to, I do too.

Maintaining motivation is important and I will give you two methods that I use regularly.

Self-Talk Hack

Self-talk needs to be monitored for conversations that will steer you wrong. We all have voices in our head, which one are you listening to?

The first method to maintain your motivation is to flick that negative bugger off of your shoulder and out of your mind. When you acknowledge the self-defeating voice it usually runs away. Paying attention and capturing each thought and weighing it against what your goal is will help keep you on track.

The Concession Hack

The second method to maintain motivation is what I call the “concession”. The concession is to choose another less intense work out, but still do something.

My commonconcession for my 5 am work out includes substitution for a high energy work. When I have high energy, my morning work outs are arms or legs with Kayla Itsines SWEAT app. I use SWEAT Body and Mind sessions when I have low energy. If I choose to use Beach Body On Demand my high energy work out may be the HardCorps or Transform 20. If i need a low energy session I choose Yoga.

Alternatively, I give myself is permission to move my exercise to the afternoon, and sleep in an extra 30 minutes.


Planning for low energy days is essential at midlife or any age for that matter. Ensuring you have a program that you love will allow for a bit of flexibility as your energy waxes and wanes.

Flexibility and concessions are the name of the game.

Maintaining motivation with flexibility with regards to timing and type of work out will ensure that you stay on track with your plan. Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water. Be kind to yourself, have a plan, and don’t beat yourself up. Your weekly goals should be 5-6 days a week of moderate intensity exercise with a goal of 10k steps per day.

Finding the plans that you want to incorporate into your life can be confusing. I wrote and easy to read guide to help you decide which programs are right for you. The book is called Second Chance at Health-Learn to Love Active Living and Clean Eating. Order it today and begin your journey back to health.

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