This book will help mid life people who have lost their health while focusing on careers and raising a family, gain vitality and joy for their retirement years!

This eBook is a comprehensive guidance plan to help you discover BEST diet and exercise plan that allows you to meet your health, fitness and weight loss goals. It has been my personal experience that the best plans vary and the very best plans are the ones that you will follow.

The plans that I will describe and recommend have scientific backing or are from my own personal experience, worth recommending!

Here’s what you get…

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1. Eating Plan


  • Purge your fridge and pantry of foods that you will be eliminating
  • Plan your grocery trips for foods you will be including
  • Fill your pantry with your foods

2. The Movement Plan


  • Plan your week to include your plan
  • Purchase or prepare any equipment that you need for your chosen plan
  • Place it in a room where you will use it (if it’s a rebounder etc.)

3. Overall Tips

  • Identify food triggers and make a plan to avoid or eliminate these
  • Plan ahead for travel
  • Plan ahead for restaurant eating
  • Plan ahead for holiday parties

By choosing to discover your best movement and eating plan you can meet your health and fitness goals!

You can experience improved overall health.

And finally, and most IMPORTANTLY, you can experience increased joy and vitality with a sense of empowerment that accompanies personal accomplishment.

When you find your eating plan, and movement plan, it brings vitality and joy! With your vitality and joy you become the hero at work and at home!

I can’t wait to hear about your success and progress in a few months!