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Fitness After 40 Success with Derek Timbs

By CHRIS PEREIRA | August 29, 2018

Introduction to Derek Timbs, Nurse Practitioner, Business Owner Derek Timbs is a well-known nurse practitioner […]

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Vitamin and Mineral Supplements for Fitness after 40

By CHRIS PEREIRA | August 27, 2018

  Vitamin and mineral supplements for fitness after 40 may be a good daily addition […]

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Depression and Fitness after 40

By CHRIS PEREIRA | August 24, 2018

Depression can make fitness after 40 more difficult. But not impossible. Depression and hopelessness are […]

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Reduce or Eliminate Medications in 6 Steps and Feel Better after 40

By CHRIS PEREIRA | August 18, 2018

 Feel Better after 40! I have 6 steps to reduce or eliminate medications that you […]

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Fitness After 40 Success with Ron Pereira

By CHRIS PEREIRA | August 17, 2018

How Ron Pereira transformed his Dad Bod by Learning to Love Active Living and Clean […]

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Sunlight and Fitness After 40

By CHRIS PEREIRA | August 13, 2018

Sunlight exposure…is it helpful or is it harmful? That’s the question that this blog will […]

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Delayed Muscle Soreness after 40

By CHRIS PEREIRA | August 10, 2018

Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS) Delayed muscle soreness or what medicine calls Delayed Onset Muscle […]

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Fitness and Peri-Menopause after 40

By CHRIS PEREIRA | August 8, 2018

Fitness and Peri-Menopause Ensuring a healthy fitness level after 40 is important! Peri-menopause can hinder […]

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Clean Eating for Fitness and Health After 40!

By CHRIS PEREIRA | August 7, 2018

What is Clean Eating? “Clean” is the new buzzword that you can’t get away from, […]

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Gynecomastia in Men Over 40; What YOU Should Do About Them!

By CHRIS PEREIRA | August 6, 2018

So I’ve done a mini blog on women’s health, specifically perimenopause, and in the interest […]

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