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  • Reduce or eliminate medicine?
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  • Recapture your joy in living?
  • Improve your sense of self-worth?
  • Fit in your clothes more comfortably?
  • Experience the joy that success brings?

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Now that I have your attention, who am I?

My name is Christine Pereira. I am a family nurse practitioner, and I have been in the medical field for over 25 years.I have:

  • seen the effects of poor health, poor physical conditioning and obesity.
  • had to teach people how to give themselves injections.
  • have dressed wounds of limbs that were amputated because of complications.
  • have witnessed the fear of death as I administered medication for a heart attack.
  • have seen tears well up and spill over as the person described the shame and embarrassment about their size and physical appearance.
  • have witnessed anger and hopelessness about ever regaining any sort of health.

I have been personally successful at maintaining a healthy weight (except for healthy pregnancy weight gain) and have learned that the BEST exercise and the BEST eating plan varies over a lifetime and often fluctuates based on changing needs, time availability and likes and dislikes.


Imagine if you could…

  • Rid yourself of obesity related ailments, fatigue, sore joints and more.
  • Improve your blood sugars, cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Feel more confident in your skin and go out there and be the best version of yourself.
  • Play with your grandchildren with more energy.
  • Enjoy your retirement with fewer visits to the doctor and pharmacy.
  • Meet and maintain your health and wellness goals.
  • Dine out and make good choices.
  • Fit into a special outfit for a special occasion.
  • Understand the dynamics of BMR and how use it to manage your weight.
  • Be more joyously active.


Chris Israel Texas

Thank you so much with your help on making a middle age lifestyle change. I realized at 54 years old that I was out of shape and heavier than I had ever been and it was beginning to affect my lifestyle. With you help I have found how much I enjoy exercise, specifically walking and high intensity intervals. I have made a complete eating change and started eating clean. I have restricted my beef intake and focused on chicken and pork with fresh non-processed vegetables and have lost 34 pounds and over seven percent body fat. I appreciate you helping me figure out that it didn’t take supplements or a fancy diet, all it takes is desire and a lifestyle change!

Don T- Texas

I have lost 14 pounds and 3% body fat. Chris has provided the spark that I needed to kick start my body composition goals. It’s easy to follow her advice because she not only provides expert recommendations, but she lives by them! Every week, we use the Tanita Scale to measure body composition, and every month we perform a blood test and adjust dietary needs.
Thank you Chris!

Mandy J B.C. Canada

I found the book to be very encouraging, supporting, realistic and motivating! I can do this, and am already doing a lot of things right! Over fat makes so much sense to me. That clicks in my brain, like lowering that number to a health number is doable to me!